Semester 1 Project

The occupation that I will be evaluating is the occupation of a personal trainer, and also a nutritionist. The woman that I am shadowing is both a certified personal trainer, and also a certified nutrition consultant. I will be investigating the way she works with clients, and how she does her job. Also, I will be learning about the steps she had to take to become a personal trainer.

I chose this occupation because I am genuinely interested in fitness, and also eating healthy. I love working out and staying fit is a priority, so I believe investigating this occupation will be a fun experience for me. I can learn more about staying fit and different exercises that I can do. I can also learn about eating healthy and the right foods to eat.

My shadow host will be Sabrina Hermansen. She is a certified nutritionist, and personal trainer. She has a numerous clients, and a great life in which she is adventurous. She also reaches out to people online, including her blog, and her Instagram.


Image by AberroCreative