Homeostasis Lab

The purpose of this lab was to recognize conditions that are needed to keep one’s body in balance, and homeostasis. The purpose was to see exercise can affect the body in its body temperature, heart rate, skin, and perspiration.

First, we took measurements of someone from the group doing jumping jacks, and made observations of their skin color and sweat. Also we measure the her heart rate, and how her blood pressure using a pulse oximeter, blood pressure kit, and heart rate kit. We did this for a total of six minutes and made observations of her body reacted to stay in homeostasis. The data that we resulted with was that as the time went on, blood pressure and heart rate increased, body temperature went down, and the body’s color changed from pale to pink.

We concluded that all that occurred to the student happened because the body was trying to cool off with sweat, or the body’s blood pressure would increase, and pump more oxygen to the blood to provide for the blood. This is also what occurred while the body was changing color. Heart rate also increased because the body was exercising and blood was moving faster throughout the body. All that happened concluded from homeostasis, and the body trying to remain constant, while being active.

Image by Mk2010
Image by Mk2010