Diet Analysis Part 4

Looking at my research of the Military Diet, it is important to eat the amount of calories that you are recommended to eat. For a women, it is highly recommended that you must eat 2,000 calories a day to keep up energy, and to have a healthy system. However, the military diet only gives you less than half of those calories a day. Comparing my diet to the military diet made me realize how good of a diet I actually have.

Although I do focus on eating healthy, this diet analysis really helped me get a good look at my health, and how I was eating. I eat pretty well, but I realized I was missing a couple of vital nutrients, and aspects in my diet. let me see how many calories I have a day. I actually received less calories than the amount recommended. My diet differs from a normal person’s, since I am a vegetarian. Since I do not eat meat, I had an insufficient amount of protein. Although my diet consisted of beans, oatmeal, and eggs, those just did not supply the amount of protein that meat offers. I also do not eat much dairy, since I drink almond milk. Milk does not settle in my stomach correctly.

This analysis made me take action on my diet. I am starting to rotate out of my vegetarianism. I realized that since I am very active, I need to eat more protein. I do not eat red meat, but I started to eat more lean meats like chicken, and I also eat fish now. I am mostly a vegetarian, and do not eat a great amount of meat, but I need it. Also, I am starting to eat more greek yogurt to increase my intake of calcium, and protein. I also realized I need to get more fluids in my body, and I need to correct my portions, since I am very inconsistent with how much I eat.

Here is an infograph I created to give you a better look at how to have a better diet:


My visit at PIE RANCH!!

My class and I recently visited Pie Ranch in Pescadero. Although it was raining very hard while we were there, and it was quite the adventure driving there, I learned so many new things! I learned about how a farm works, how organic farming is different from commercial farming, and my favorite part: how to cook!!! We learned how to make empanadas, salad, and dressing! The food was so good, especially after all the walking we did around the farm! Also, I tasted the BEST pie I have EVER had! I highly recommend visiting! Click here for their website!

Here is a brief video of my visit there! Enjoy!



Semester 1 Project

The occupation that I will be evaluating is the occupation of a personal trainer, and also a nutritionist. The woman that I am shadowing is both a certified personal trainer, and also a certified nutrition consultant. I will be investigating the way she works with clients, and how she does her job. Also, I will be learning about the steps she had to take to become a personal trainer.

I chose this occupation because I am genuinely interested in fitness, and also eating healthy. I love working out and staying fit is a priority, so I believe investigating this occupation will be a fun experience for me. I can learn more about staying fit and different exercises that I can do. I can also learn about eating healthy and the right foods to eat.

My shadow host will be Sabrina Hermansen. She is a certified nutritionist, and personal trainer. She has a numerous clients, and a great life in which she is adventurous. She also reaches out to people online, including her blog, and her Instagram.


Image by AberroCreative