Chicken Wing Lab

Last week we studied a chicken wing online. We learned about how a chicken wing relates to what we are learning. This lab was meant for us to be prepared for our cat dissection that we will soon be doing after we return from out break. We watched a video of a chicken wing getting dissected, and it showed all of the parts that are in a chicken wing, including tendons, meat, and the skin. Quite honestly, it made me hungry, but it was very informative! I never knew that there was so much that came with a chicken wing, and that were so many tendons, and muscles. I will never eat a chicken wing the same way ever again (when I’m not a complete vegetarian).

The video explained the procedures that are needed in order to dissect the wing successfully.

  1. Rinse the wing, and pat dry
  2. Carefully place the wing on the dissection tray
  3. Being by making a small incision on the top of the wing
  4. Cut muscles from the skin
  5. Pull back the skin, and look at the fat
  6. Observe the tendons and muscles
  7. Remove the tendons and muscles from the bone
  8. Break a bone from the chicken wing
  9. Observe the bone marrow
  10. Look at the ligaments and the bones
  11. Clean up

This chicken wing lab helped me to learn how muscles work with each other. Without these muscles, we would not be able to bend our arms, or any joints and limbs smoothly. There are two muscles: flexor muscles ,and extensor muscles. For example, the chicken wing resembles the elbow. When you pull on the tricep, the elbow will straighten out. When the bicep pulls, the elbow will fold. The fat on the wing insulates, and protects the chicken. Also, cartilage helps with the movements of the muscles.


One thought on “Chicken Wing Lab

  1. Hey Liv,

    Loved this post! It was very informative and detailed! I love the picture you included! Made the post more interesting to read. Keep up the great work on these very well done posts!


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