Sneak Peak into Sports Med

This week was awesome because we actually got to meet twice! We continued and actually tested our Sensory Touch Lab. This lab was extremely fun, and it definitely taught me something new. For example, I learned that sensory receptors actually existed! I can not believe how many times I did not feel a paper clip touch my hand!

Krystal being a great partner during our lab this week!

Learning about the brain was also another topic that we learned about! I believe that the brain is the most intriguing and fascinating part of the body to learn about. It is amazing that all of these regions of the brain can control every little movement, capture every memory, and control our feelings is crazy to think about!

We also did some research on concussions in youth sports. This was very interesting because concussions are very popular in this generation of athletes, and its one of the most common injuries amongst teenage athletes. This topic is definitely one that can be relatable amongst younger people because we hear so many incidents from friends or professional athletes. We are starting a design thinking project on concussions, and how to prevent them. I have heard many great ideas from fellow classmates, and I believe I have a great idea as well!

We have continued our diet analysis, and I am learning more and more about my own diet each day! I am learning about what I am lacking in my diet, and what I should be eating more of (dairy and protein). I believe this project is benefiting my greatly, and I love it because I love nutrition!



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