Testing Our Touch!!

In class, we tested our touch, or in longer terms: our sensory receptors for touch. Our skin has many sensory receptors that allow us to feel objects. Our sensory receptors also respond to pain, temperature, and pressure. To actually measure our sensitivity, we used a paper clip, and poked our partner in the finger with it. (sounds violent, but I promise it wasn’t!)

Here are the steps to finding how sensitive we actually are:

We gently touched the paper clip to our partner’s fingertip, making the paper clip smaller as we went on. We then switched the pattern in which the paper clip touched our partners’ fingertips (two ends or one end of the paperclip). We recorded how many ends they actually felt. We continued this process on their forearm, and the back of their hand.

Here are some  pictures of the lab:



Here is the data I collected for fingertips, forearm, and back of the hand:







I predicted that our fingertips would be the most sensitive, and could sense objects more, since we are very used to touching objects with our hands. I guessed correct, and my partner detected the right amount of paperclips ends more than 20 times.

I believe that humans have more sensitive areas than other areas of the body because those areas need to be familiar with different objects, so our nervous system will identify those objects more.

My partner and I guessed that we would not have the same density of touch receptors in a given area because everyone has different sensitivity. We predicted this incorrectly, because we both detected the wrong number of ends for every area of the body.

I believe that different activities could affect our touch receptors because our fingertips would be very familiar with that one object that you may use during the activity. We would be sensitive to those objects. Also I believe that his may higher our sensitivity.

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