Digestion Case Study

The case study that we did in class was very informative and taught me a lot about what carbohydrates really are. I never knew that carbs are actually in almost everything that we eat! We read a case study involving two girls that talked about their meal plans for the day, and what foods have carbs.

In class, we studied about two girls that learned about a vaccine that is given to cattle in order to reduce their methane output. They then wanted to learn more about carbohydrates, and how they affect our bodies, and the earth.

The girls gave a list of what they ate, and we chose the foods that included carbs, and the ones that do not. We concluded that every food has carbs except meat, or the tuna the girl ate. The list of food included Cheerios, oat bran, a latte with skim milk, and a salad with various vegetables.

If one looks at the list of the food that they ate, one could figure out that all food that is made from plants contain carbohydrates. Photosynthesis creates sugars in the food, which  are not broken down very easily. The girls looked at some of the nutrition labels of their food that they have eaten, and saw what percentage of their Powerbar are simple sugars. The percentage is about 31%. Simple sugars fiber, and starch are that simple sugars are broken down into energy for the body to use. Starches are considered complex carbohydrates, and fibers are complex carbs and cannot be digested by the body.

The ingredients in the Powerbar are separated into different categories:

Simple Sugars included salt and glycerin

Starches include rice crisps, corn syrup, brown rice, and peanuts

Fiber include oat bran

Carbs that would produce gas is the milk protein isolate.

Untitled Presentation-2


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