Healthy Retirement

In class, we read a case study about a married couple who have been feeling difficulties within their bodies. In the case study it was found that the couples actually have a numerous amount of problems that are having a unhealthy affect to their bodies, especially their hearts. The couple is planning to go on a cruise, not knowing about their health issues. As Nancy, the wife, is packing and cleaning up the house for the barbecue they are about to host, she starts to say that her back is painful. We learn that Nancy is still very fit, and in shape. She does have to do hormone therapy for her hysterectomy. We then learned that Jim recently had a massive heart attack, and he takes medication for his blood pressure, as well as aspirin. Also, Jim is a big smoker, so he is not helping his present conditions. Nancy receives her test results from the health and wellness center, and they come out abnormal, yet she does not know what a lot of the results mean.

Taken from A Healthy Retirement? Case Study
Taken from A Healthy Retirement? Case Study
Healthy and Not-so-Healthy things about Jim and Nancy
Healthy and Not-so-Healthy things about Jim and Nancy

While they are away on their cruise, they are eating a lot of food, so they plan to walk around the ship to stay fit. Although this sounds like a good way to exercise, and it may sound healthy for the couple, Nancy starts to complain about how she is very tired. At first, the couple treated as if it was not serious. Then, while she was explaining her issues, a doctor was overhearing their conversation. She mentioned that she has symptoms of Angina, which is a bad chest pain, from limited blood flow.

According to their healthy and not-so-healthy things we know about each of them, Jim is at risk for another heart attack because he is older, he is overweight, and smokes. All of these can increase the risk of heart attacks. Jim is at risk for lung cancer, diabetes, stroke, and osteoporosis. Nancy is also at risk for heart attacks because her test results are out of range. Also her lipid levels are high.

Information that would be very helpful would be to know what their diets are like, and if their family has had any issues regarding heart problems. Diet and family history are important to know because they are big characteristics of heart diseases.

One thought on “Healthy Retirement

  1. Dear Olivia,

    You very clearly summarize the case study and present your data to your readers. Make sure to always include hyperlinks to sources used to gather information. Your tables are clear, but some engaging original media would be beneficial as well. Make sure to address all conclusion questions, for instance, were you aware that males and females may exhibit different symptoms? Looking forward to future posts!

    Mrs. Kahn


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